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David John Dietrich started his career as a still life and figure painter and has experimented with many different techniques, styles and genres. Dietrich traveled widely throughout California visiting and living in places like San Francisco and San Luis Obispo, Carlsbad and Marina Del Rey, California in his search for picturesque scenery. He traveled to Southern California where as a student at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art he met Adrian Gottlieb. He then continued his study after the academy in Gottlieb's studio to further his understanding of naturalism, tone and color.

Dietrich currently runs Dietrich Studio and Gallery a fine art  gallery in Sharon, Wisconsin Wisconsin and is active in painting. He also hosts a community radio show related to art topics Sundays at 7PM on 101.3 WHIW Harvard Broadcasting and is the director of Art in the Park, Lake Geneva.

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How Things Have Changed 
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